The Emoji Reference Manual

A 16 page guide in newsprint

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ISBN 978-0-9927804-8-7


Symbols and icons are everywhere we look, from hi-fis to washing machines. Once understood, their meaning is quickly communicated, but for the uninitiated they’re an intriguing puzzle.

Born in Japan to make it quicker to communicate via text message, Emoji icons have become a global phenomenon since being adopted into the Unicode standard in 2010.

Thanks to this, you can now use emoji in tweets, e-mails, and even URLs.

The emoji graphics featured in this reference guide are from the Apple Color Emoji typeface, primarily designed by Willem Van Lancker.

This reference manual includes most of the 722 emoji symbols (some of the lesser interesting ones have been omitted), along with their unique hexadecimal reference.

The emoji have been arranged in thematic groups, from people to objects.

Looking through the emoji, they reveal some of the preoccupations with modern living, and give a glimpse into Japanese culture.

There’s no end to the imaginative ways that emoji can be used, from livening up your e-mails, to a complete translation of Moby Dick.

Frankie Roberto